A  R  T  E  M  I  S
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About Us

Welcome to Artemis :  A small strip of land (3Ha) in a particularly beautiful  part of the world.  
 Here Andrea Desmond-Smith and Kobus Stander live and work.
Andrea is a mytho-poetic artist, working in oils and combining elements of myth with a deeply felt concern for the destruction of our planet.   Her works are in public and private collections here and overseas.
Kobus makes functional pieces in his workshop in both wood and steel, using traditional blacksmithing methods combined with contemporary techniques.
Spend some time in one of our self catering cottages, enjoying the tranquility, soaking up the views, walking the labyrinth, and discovering the art works and lilly ponds in the beautiful and wild indigenous garden (one of the Franschhoek show gardens)



The Barn

The barn is noticeable from Uitkyk Street in Franschhoek, because of the

two turquoise cement lions that 'guard' it and the stork gargoyles on either

side.   Many people stop and wonder what on earth goes on inside!   Well,the main section houses a gallery and shop to showcase the paintings of

Andrea Desmond-Smith and the iron  & woodwork of Kobus Stander.  It's open on weekends over lunch time, approx 11am to 3pm, or ph Kobus on 0741444999 and we'll gladly show you around.                     

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