A  R  T  E  M  I  S
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Welcome to The Blue Lion on-line fine art gallery, and thank you for browsing.

 You will see two prices for each painting. The “Gallery Price” is not mine. When an artist negotiates with a gallery, the question, “What is your commission?” will be asked by the artist.  “50% says the gallery owner “

(some galleries only charge 33%, but this is the exception). So let’s say the artist asks R1000, the gallery will add another R1000 +vat @ 14% = R2280. I feel this is unfair (to put it mildly!) as I’m not vat rated and the vat is deducted from my portion as well,. This is why, after 35 years of painting, I now call myself an independent artist. I have my own gallery in Franschhoek to display my work and have events. Therefore the “Discount Price” is my way of showing you, my virtual visitor, the correct purchase price for my work

Inquire about paintings: when you mail your inquiry to us, we will calculate shipping costs and insurance, and get back to you with a detailed quote.