A  R  T  E  M  I  S
Accommodation Art and Creativity

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The barn hosts many activities which change all the time.  Other occasional activities are gallery talks and art courses.   Permanent displays of art work by both Andrea Desmond-Smith and Kobus Stander.   Also the permanent home of “The Gondwanaland Tree”, an interactive sculpture with music, puppets and stories.

On Mondays and Thursdays, Irma Horn gives Physical and Emotional Stress Release massages in the Barn.  

Ph Irma on 081 4757515 for an appointment and more info

Artemis is the ancient Greek goddess of the moon and untamed places. Guardian of our imagination and wild natures. Artemis is the name given to a piece of beauty in the Franschhoek valley in the Cape wine lands, home to two lucky artists who work from home, Andrea Desmond-Smith and Kobus Stander. Here peace and tranquillity are only broken by the sound of Kobus at his forge, or a four letter word hurled at some bird trying to snatch a fish.

In 2000 a labyrinth was constructed to give thanks for Kobus returning to good health once more. It was decided to orientate the axis of this labyrinth on a special mountain which Andrea calls “Mother Mountain” and the lowest point of the Franschhoek pass as it went over the mountains to Villiersdorp. Later, when Kobus checked the orientation using a G.P.S. it was found to be on an axis that was EXACTLY East/West! The barn has also been found to have a special relationship to the labyrinth. We walk the labyrinth as a group every year at the summer solstice 21st to 23rd December. Everyone is welcome, and we always have something extra as well, to enlarge appreciation of life and the living of it. In fact the whole of Artemis is a celebration of the abundance of living with nature and the imagination.